Nicola adopted Bridger as a puppy in early 2014. Over the years, many people suggested to Nicola that Bridger become a therapy dog, due to his talent for connecting with people, being universally loved by everyone he meets. So, in early 2022, Nicola and Bridger completed the required training and evaluation, and Bridger became a registered therapy dog through the national organization, Pet Partners. Bridger often accompanies Nicola to the office and is available upon request to support clients during meetings, mediations, and hearing preparation. Bridger will also be working with the Denver District Attorney’s office to support children who are required to testify in Court.

Bridger is a black lab, black and tan coonhound mix. When Bridger is not at work, he loves swimming, running alongside ATVs and scooters, and hiking. Bridger is a social butterfly, and when left unattended, frequently invites himself to any college party he can find in Nicola’s DU neighborhood.