The Secret Life of an Office Dog~ 4 min read

Some people might just think, oh a dog at a law firm, that’s adorable! And yes, it is adorable and I’m adorable but I’m a working boy and when I’m at work, I work, and sometimes I work so hard I need to nap on the car ride home. Some of you might be like, well who are you? I’m Finnick Bifrost, the beloved office mascot and K-9 assistant at Wells Family Law, P.C.

I wake up every morning knowing I have a very important job ahead of me each workday, after all, my human co-workers count on me for high energy, good vibes and to be there to support them emotionally at overwhelming moments. It’s a pretty important and sometimes intense job but someone’s got to do it and this someone has four paws, a small body, and a giant heart, with a personality the size of the Rockies.

I start my workday with a walk and greeting one of my best friends, our building security guard! We both get sad if we miss one another and it’s not just because they give me treats, we’re friends and I like to check on them too. Then when my mom is checking emails in the morning, I patiently wait for all my co-workers to arrive and greet them with an enthusiastic smile to brighten their day. When we have clients come in for meetings, mediations, or hearings I’m excited to greet them at the door and give them whatever support they need, including “Finn breaks” during difficult moments. After all, I’m a very empathetic boy and I don’t want anyone to be stressed or upset if I can help support them. Sometimes people tell me they haven’t been able to see their own animal companion in a bit because of different and sometimes difficult circumstances so they enjoy the cuddles and kisses. Though it makes me sad for them and their animal companions I’m glad to help them as much as a good office boy can.

Because I’m here it also reminds my mom to get up, stretch and encourages exercise when I need my scheduled walks. I periodically make the rounds in the office throughout the day to check on all my humans and maybe to try to sucker them into giving me some treats, but a hard-working boy needs his snacks. And during my downtime, I nap to recharge. If I’m not at the office because my mom has to go to the Courthouse or stop anywhere before or after work my presence at the office is greatly missed and felt, she tells me so at the end of the day. She says those days have “weird vibes” and it’s because the best boy has a day off. Even clients recognize when I’m not there and ask about me and that makes me feel good because I think about them too and get very excited when I do get to see them again.

Sometimes days are hard for my human co-workers and those days can be exhausting for me, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Sometimes I even wake up ready to go on the weekends and my mom has to explain to me that it’s not a workday but then she takes me on different non-work adventures which is nice. I’m not saying I’m the hardest working dog in Denver by any means, but I take my job very seriously because my humans count on me, and I don’t want to let them down. Us working dogs aren’t just adorable we’re out here doing real work and what we can for our humans and their clients to make our offices the best place they can be and I’m very proud to be that good boy for Wells Family Law!

You can come visit me and my humans at 1660 Lincoln Street, Suite 1525, Denver, CO 80264. You can also call (303) 309-1077 for more information or to schedule a consultation.