Executive Performance Charts

“A Primer on Executive Compensation in a Colorado Divorce — Part 2” Published in the Colorado Lawyer~ 1 min read

Part 2 of “A Primer on Executive Compensation in a Colorado Divorce,” focusing on limitations and tax issues to be aware of when dividing executive compensation, as well as guidance on when executive compensation awards are included in income for support purposes, was featured in the June issue of Colorado Lawyer Magazine. Co-authors Kristi Anderson Wells, Nicola A. Winter and Joanne Morando wrote this two-part article to provide domestic relations counsel and judges with an easy-to-read road map to tackling one of the toughest financial issues in divorce cases. Part 1, published in the May issue of the Colorado Lawyer, covers the multistep process for characterizing and dividing executive compensation such as options, restricted stock, restricted stock units, performance-based awards and nonqualified deferred compensation.